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Gin X-Lite Rescue Deck



GIN X-Lite Rescue Deck – Outer reserve container.

Lightweight GIN X-Lite external reserve parachute container: to mount your light rescue parachute onto the front of your paragiding harness. This is the rescue container that is supplied with the Genie X-Alps Harness as used in the Red Bull X-Alps Race.

Designed and sized for lightweight reserve parachutes like the Gin Gliders Yeti and Yeti Cross ranges of solo paragliding reserve parachutes, but will fit most lightweight and smaller reserves from other manufacturers.

The X-Lite Rescue Deck is mounted between your hang points in from of you and the reserve bridle (included) can either be attached to shoulder hang points if your harness has them, or to the main riser hang points or attachment points.

When attaching the bridle to the main hang points, the bridle and hang strap are integrated, enabling you to neatly and conveniently attach your rescue deck to your main karabiners without requiring additional parts.

The Rescue Deck features a solid flightdeck, measuring 28cm x 13.5cm, with loop Velcro for mounting instruments .

Weight: 280 grams total: 160 grams for the X-Lite Rescue Deck, 100 grams for the bridle supplied with it and 20 grams for the handle


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