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How to be an explorer




Written by one of our very own Fly Sussex instructors Tiger Cox this is an inspiring book for children aged 5 – 11. A brilliant introduction to adventuring to get kids into the great outdoors and having fun with the family.

Mountaineers, seafarers, astronauts, cyclists, hikers, divers, gliders, aviators – even the most famous and daring explorers of all time began with small-scale adventures that gave them the courage and the ideas to pursue their greatest achievements. This book aims to give young people the know-how and confidence to get out and about– with practical tasks and activities, mini-adventures, rustic crafts and by telling some truly inspiring tales of real-life explorers. Throughout, Tiger gives us snippets and anecdotes from his own daring expeditions.

Tiger has a natural affinity for outdoors skills and wants to inspire and educate others, of all ages, to spend more time enjoying these pursuits – whether that be through adventure sports, outdoor cooking or getting out and exploring their local landscapes. He caught the bug for exploring from his ‘crazy’ parents and four older sisters, who showed him what was possible and lovingly encouraged his earliest forays in the stunning South Downs National Park in Sussex, UK. Tiger is an accomplished public speaker, having given talks on exploration and nature to audiences of over 250 people, including his old school and local chambers of commerce. This is his first book for GMC Publications.



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