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Independence Evo Cross Reserve


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Independence Evo Cross Reserve

The Independence Evo Cross reserve parachute combines the lowest sink rates, the highest pendulum stability and the fastest opening time in one rescue system. The future is square!

The REvo(lution) continues with the Independence Evo Cross reserve parachute!

Gone are the days of slow opening times, oscillating and rapidly falling pilots and rescue systems which do not open in a spiral drive.

The Independence Evo Cross is a reserve parachute, based on the principle of a so-called “cross canopy”. This design has been used for many years for military purposes. Independence took the basic shape of a square canopy and adapted it to the needs and peculiarities of paragliding sport to develop the Evo Cross.

Because of the slight asymmetric canopy design and air outlets on all corners exceptional oscillation stability, combined with a low sink rate could be reached. The reserve has up to 15% less sink rate as required on the very strict certification test of EN12491.

A maximum opening speed, which is close to the theoretical minimum, was realized by a very low but efficient canopy height. The short system length as well as the easy way of packing helped Independence to beat the required EN opening time standards by up to 40%.

Key features of the Independence Evo Cross series:

  • Extremely fast opening time, up to 40% below the approved limit of 5 sec
  • Opening time close to the theoretical minimum
  • Lowest sink rate, up to 15% below the certification limits of 5,5 m/s
  • No oscillation
  • High opening safety, even at negative rotation and spiral dives
  • Low weight because of extremely lightweight and resistant materials
  • Fabric in orange signal colour
  • According LTF/ 91/09 and EN 12491 tested

Signal colour orange:

An considerable safety-advantage is the fabric-colour of the Annular Evo! The signal-colour orange can be seen perfectly on snow, forest and rocks, because the orange colour offers a very good contrast on nearly every background!

Rescue System Surface m² Max. Take-off weight 

(acc. to LTF)

Sinkrate at max. 

Load (LTF)

Max Take-off weight 

(acc to EN, sinkrate 5,5 m/s)

Weight of the parachute
EVO Cross 100 25,06 100kg 4,9 m/s 100kg at 4,9 m/s 1,5 kg
EVO Cross 120 36,81 120kg 4,7 m/s 120kg at 4,7 m/s 1,9 kg
EVO Cross 160 41,12 160kg 5,6 m/s 155kg at 5,5 m/s 2,4 kg


There are two different max. take-off weights, because these parachutes are certified according to LTF (German type approval) and according to EN-Norm. The max. allowed sinkrates are not the same for LTF and EN: The max. allowed sinkrate acc. to LTF is 6,8m/s. The max. allowed sinkrate acc. to EN is 5,5m/s.

In order to make a reserve parachute work without problems you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The fitting of the harness has to be done according to the harness’ operating instructions. Even better – leave it to the profesionals.
  • For it to open reliably, perfect and regular packing is essential. To assure this it is important to air and repack the reserve every 4 months. If the reserve is damp you must air and repack it as the material may “stick“.
  • After test and emergency openings, mechanical damage or after 2 years a thorough check must be made. Even used correctly the material can be prone to damage. During this check the material is put on a light table – even the tiniest irregularities are found.
  • Packing yourself: please only pack the reserve yourself, if you really know how to! We often get “self packed“ reserves that would never have opened up in an emergency.
  • If you pack the reserve yourself, please use the Independence rubber rings and renew them with each packing.
  • In case of a low emergency opening it is very important to straighten up and look at the ground. Only try to haul in the paraglider’s lines to immobilise it, if you have enough time. There is nothing worse than landing on your back uncontrolled.

Independence Evo Cross FAQs

Why does the Evo Cross open so fast?

Due to the special packing method, the canopy can quickly take the air and fill up almost instantly after throwing. In addition the low profile makes the volume to be filled very small.

Why does the Evo Cross have such a good oscillation stability?

The openings at all four corners and a slightly asymmetrical canopy provide a stable airflow inside and outside of the canopy. Because of this an irregular pulsation of the canopy which leads to the oscillation, is avoided.

Why does the Evo Cross have such a low sink rate?

The Evo Cross has a much higher projected area compared to a round parachute if the same amount of material is used due to the profile and very flat top. The slight lateral movement (glide) and the resulting lift reduces the sink rate again.

Is the lateral movement of the Evo Cross not dangerous?

Absolutely not! The lateral movement (glide) of the Evo Cross is less than walking speed and therefore typically below the wind speed. A side impact on an obstacle is therefore very unlikely and would be not critical in terms of speed.

In addition, the lateral movement of the Evo Cross is minimized by the drag of the paraglider (which remains at the pilots harness). Disconnecting the paraglider with normal carabiners and acceleration systems is not possible and also not necessary!


Is the Evo Cross steerable?

No! This is not necessary or desired!

A rescue system is usually activated at a very low altitude of 100m or less. It is completely unrealistic to expect the pilot deploying as low altitude (remaining airtime in 100m altitude about 20 seconds) to be able to do all the steps necessary for steering:

  • Activate rescue system
  • Disconnect speed system
  • Disconnect paraglider
  • Search control handles of rescue system
  • Choose a landing field and hit the spot!


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