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Independence Ultra Cross


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Independence Ultra Cross

The Independence Ultra Cross is the lightest certified LTF and EN standards reserve parachute in the world weighing in at just 975g!

It might be a bit more expensive that some other reserves, but if lightweight is a parmount concern the Ultra Cross cuts the mustard.  The fabric is Nylon 6.6, enormously strong for its weight. The lines are high tensile Dyneema, and the clever configuation of air outlets in each corner of this square parachute give it great stability.

The Independence Ultra Cross reserve has a swift opening time. Three of Fly Sussex’s instructors have the Independence Ultra Cross because we can’t bear lugging great weights up hills, and every gram counts!

To summarise the Ultra Cross Square Rescue Parachute:

  • Wickedly fast opening time – up to 40% below admissible value of 5 seconds
  • A sink rate lower than the 5.5m/s prescribed by EN 12491 for its size
  • Great pendulum stability
  • Tested to open even in spiral dives and negative rotations
  • The deployment bag has an independent pocket for the lines
  • The uncoated 22g 10D material makes the reserve magnificently light
  • Colour: yellow, easily seen!
  • Fully certified to LTF/91/09 and EN 1291
surface max. towed load sinkrate at max. load weight
Ultra Cross 100 25 m² 100 kg 4,61 m/s 975 g
Ultra Cross 125 33 m² 125 kg 5,1 m/s 1195 g
Ultra Cross 150 40,3 m² 150 kg 5,3 m/s 1585 g
Ultra Cross 210 54,81 m² 210 kg 2300 g

Available for paragliders as well as hang-gliders, please specify with you order.

Check out the independence website for the manual.


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