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Little Cloud Spiruline


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The iconic Little Cloud Spiruline has been one of the most popular mini wings of the last 10 years because of its ease of use. The Little Cloud Spiruline is the ideal first step onto the mini wing ladder, for high wind soaring and maximum fun with lots of built in safety. Choose a bigger size with a lower wing loading for beginners or the smaller 14 if you are more experienced.

Whether you will go on a hike and fly, soar a windy day, thermal fly it, or speed fly it, The Little Cloud Spiruline offers maximum of fun. We highly recommend all pilots read the manual before flying.


Once we receive your order we will contact you with an estimated delivery time and check your size and colour preference.

Little Cloud Spiruline – What Size Shall I get?

Available in three sizes 14, 16 & 18 – feel free to contact Fly Sussex for any advice.

Any pilot with a paragliding or speedflying rating will be able to fly these:

Wingload  around 3 (+/-20%)
For varied use, suitable from 100% beginner pilots (learning/school, mountain flying, soaring, thermic, fly-downs, ski). It has virtually no pitch, is reactive during roll, moderate height loss during 360s, large brake travel. Similar speeds to a paraglider.

Wingload around 4.5 (+/- 20%)
For varied use, as level 1. Good piloting skills should be able to maximise the aerological conditions. For pilots who already have experience of flight. Higher speeds than a paraglider.

Wingload around 6 and more (- 20%) Less versatile for thermic and mountain flights. More orientated to speed flying and soaring in strong conditions. It’s more reactive to roll and requires accurate piloting. For experienced pilots. A more dynamic wing, with much higher speeds than a paraglider. Much greater height loss when turning.

The Spiruline 14 16 18
SIZE (m2) 14 16 18
FLAT SPAN (m) 8.6 8.9 9.3
FLAT AR (m2) 4.65 4.65 4.65
CELL COUNT 34 34 34
AUW (kg) 55/120 55/120 55/120
WEIGHT (kg) 2.6 2.9 3.2
RATIO 8 8.5 8.5
CERTIFICATION EN 926-1 EN 926-1 EN 926-1



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