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Niviuk Ikuma 2


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The Niviuk Ikuma 2 is a high level EN B wing suitable for progressing pilots who fly at least 40 hours a year. While the Niviuk Ikuma 2 is a highly accessible wing we recommend you have at least 50 hours experience before upgrading to it. The Niviuk Ikuma 2 is a high performing cross country paraglider designed to give you maximum performance in the EN B category.

Accessible performance

Cross Country


What Niviuk say:

Enjoy an EN B experience with EN C performance. The new Ikuma 2 is a wing that is easy to fly and has a performance that exceeds the standard in its category.

 Safety at the service of adventure 

The application of the latest Niviuk technologies offers a high level of passive safety so that the pilot feels confident and can enjoy every moment of flight.

 Devotion to comfort 

A solid and stable wing that rises to all challenges and allows you to fly without worries.



  • High passive safety due to Niviuk technologies so that the pilot feels confident and can enjoy every flight.
  • The long brake travel allows the speed to be progressively reduced without the risk of stalling. Thus, the behaviour and comfort of the wing at low speeds is improved.
  • The application of RAM technology guarantees a better absorption of any turbulence.


  • A more uniform and progressive inflation that makes take off easier and faster.
  • A simple wing to fly with precise handling.
  • A more progressive and rapid recovery after braking.


  • Extra glide when using air movements as an energy source. It makes it easier to cut though and climb in different air masses.
  • A faster glider (+ 4 km/h) with very efficient handling in thermals..
  • Greater profile consistency across the speed range that delivers above-average performance.


  • A better balance in roll and pitch that ensures greater safety and comfort.
  • A solid wing that will allow you to enjoy long flights without any worries.


  • One of the lightest paragliders in its category, even in the serial version..
  • The light (Plume) version is available as an ultra-light wing.


NEW OPTIMISED PROFILE -An improved load distribution over the entire wingspan increases the performance and aerodynamics of the wing.

FOUR EXTRA CELLS – Designed with 61 cells to provide solidity and more performance, based on a cleaner and more compact surface.

NEW C2B SYSTEM – this new integrated system on the risers allows a 3-liner to be flown as if it were a 2-liner. Steering with the C-risers automatically includes the B-risers and this helps the profile to keep its shape and offers a better flight behaviour during glide.

THE PERFECT FINISH – A taut and clean leading edge (3DL and 3DP technologies) and a fully optimised trailing edge. This is combined with the use of Titanium Technology (Nitinol) to obtain a perfect profile in all circumstances.

HYBRID MATERIALS – Use of different weight cloth in the upper and undersurface with the aim of achieving the perfect balance between weight and durability.

OPTIMISATION OF THE ATTACHMENT POINTS – New arrangement of attachment points to improve the force distribution and increase the solidity of the wing.



22 24 26 28 30
CELLS NUMBER 61 61 61 61 61
ASPECT RATIO FLAT 5,7 5,7 5,7 5,7 5,7
AREA FLAT m2 22 24 26 28 30
PROJECTED m2 18,84 20,55 22,27 23,98 25,69
SPAN FLAT m 11,2 11,7 12,17 12,63 13,07
CHORD MAX m 2,41 2,51 2,62 2,71 2,81
LINES TOTAL m 232 243 253 263 272
MAIN 2-1/4/3 2-1/4/3 2-1/4/3 2-1/4/3 2-1/4/3
ACCELERATOR mm 145 145 145 145 145
WEIGHT IN FLIGHT MIN-MAX kg 65-85 75-95 85-105 95-115 105-130
GLIDER WEIGHT kg 4,1 4,4 4,6 4,9 5,2




Radial Sliced Diagonal

RSD (Radial Sliced Diagonal) technology is a reinvention of the wing’s internal structure. This new design is based on individual diagonal panels arranged in radial form, which increase the efficiency of the internal structure considerably.

3D Leading Edge

Adding an extra seam to the leading edge on the span axis of the glider helps to shape a compact 3D profile and have better connections to the new 3DP front panel’s layout.

3D Pattern Cut Optimization

The latest glider generation requires a new pattern design and an optimized fabric cutting process based on a 3D technology.

Drag Reduction Structure

With the Drag reduction Structure technology, the trailing edge has been reinforced with small ribs that that makes this part of the glider flatter in order to spread the pressure out evenly. It means better air-flow and less drag on this important part of the glider.

RAM Air Intake

Evolution and constant improving in all our products is the essence of the DNA of Niviuk’s R&D team. Thanks to the new technologies created over recent years, we have conceived new and more evolved and higher performing gliders. In this context the RAM Air Intake technology should be pointed out.

Structured Leading Edge

The SLE provides more rigidity and stability along the span of leading edge but also allows full flexibility along both the vertical and horizontal axis of each open cell. The SLE ensures ease of movement on the ground and high security in the air during turbulence and whilst flying at speed.

Structured Trailing Edge

The STE optimises the profile without deforming it. We can thus obtain less resistance and better performance.

Titanium Technology-

Constantly innovating, we always are on the hunt, looking for the latest and best materials to helps us design optimal products. For this reason, and after an extensive evaluation of its benefits and qualities, we decided to be the firsts manufacturer to use Nitinol in our glider line.


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