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Ozone Acro Brake Handles (Pair)


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Neoprene acro brake handles. Designed and made by Ozone Gliders

The Ozone Gliders acro brake handles give the pilot total control when doing aerobatic manoeuvres.

  • Neoprene covered bar for comfort and control
  • Large neoprene loop fits comfortably round your hand
  • Attachment loop for elastics for pilots flying without keepers.

If you’re training acrobatics on your Trickster or Octane, these handles are a perfect accessory to your flying kit. They are also great if you just want a bit more feel in wingovers or when tandem flying.

Our instructor, Graham has been using these handles on all his acro training: “These handles give me a great feel for what the glider is doing throughout manoeuvres. They have really helped me learn misty flips, rhythmic SATs and other tricks. I like them so much, I even have them on my tandem kit for better handling!”

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