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Ozone Angel SQ: Square Reserve


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Ozone Angel SQ

Our most popular reserve parachute here at Fly Sussex with both paraglider and paramotor pilots. The Ozone Angel SQR is a modern square design which offers a quick opening time, low sink rate and high stability. All these factors combine to offer the pilot maximum safety in the event of an emergency!

We highly recommend all pilots read the manual and contact us for any advice.

Advantages of the Ozone Angel SQ Square Reserve:

  • Increased stability
  • Decreased weight
  • Improved sink rate
  • Rapid inflation

This is the OZONE R&D Team’s choice for reserve parachutes. Testing prototype paragliders in the Southern Alps is a demanding process, and that is why our test pilots use the Angel SQ. In Russ Ogden’s words, “The Angel SQ is clearly superior — as soon as we completed testing I switched to it for all of the flying I do, whether it’s testing, competitions, or just fun XC.”

Modern square rescue parachute designs have proven time and again to offer significantly better pendulum stability and sink rate performance than traditional round parachutes, whilst retaining the fast opening times that are critical for our safety. Designed and developed in collaboration with Dani Loritz, one of the most experienced square parachute designers, the Angel SQ includes all of his knowledge and experience to create the latest, most up to date development of the concept.

The two main factors in reserve parachute performance are sink rate and stability. A reserve parachute with an acceptable theoretical sink rate can easily deliver a hard landing if there is pendulum instability. The principal advantage of the Angel SQ over a traditional round is in its increased stability. The increased stability combined with the Angel SQ’s excellent sink rate makes it a higher performance reserve than traditional rounds.

The Angel SQ has a relatively large surface area, yet is very light in weight, giving exceptional sink rate and stability performance with fast opening times. The large surface area is the principal ingredient in its excellent sink rate — all sizes of the Angel SQ provide plenty of margin within the weight ranges they are certified to carry. Where the Angel SQ really shines is in its high pendulum stability, which can be even more important than sink rate performance. During the development process, which included many real-life test deployments, the Angel SQ’s low sink rate and high pendulum stability delivered consistently safe and comfortable descents. The Angel SQ is lighter than the equivalent sized Angel, while retaining the small pack volume.

The Angel SQ uses the highest quality parachute materials: Porcher PN9, and Cousin Dyneema lines. These materials have been chosen for their optimum balance of durability, performance, small packing volumes and low weight to ensure reliable, safe deployments, even in the most extreme situations. Before making your final choice in reserve parachutes, check the fabric type of competing brands. Porcher PN9 is the clear leader in quality and reliability, and fabric choice is a factor in sink rate and opening time. The Angel SQ opens fast, on par with the fastest round parachutes that we have tested.

Certified EN and LTF to the EN 12491 and LTF 91/09 standards, the Angel SQ is available in 4 sizes with maximum loads from 100kgs to 220kgs. There are 2 bridle options: The short bridle version for harnesses with integrated bridles, and the Y bridle version for harnesses with no built in bridles.


  • Cloth: Porcher PN9
  • Outside Lines: Cousin
  • Central Line: Edelrid
  • Risers: Amsteel Dyneema


100 120 140 220
Area (m2) 29.1 34.8 40.7 63.8
Span (m) 5.82 6.37 6.89 8.63
Weight (kg) 1.24 1.54 1.77 2.65
Sink rate (m/s) 5.4 5.4 5.4 5.4
Line consumption (m) 99.3 133.2 141.6 200.8
System height (m) 5.85 6.4 6.55 8.9
Certification EN & LTF EN & LTF EN & LTF EN & LTF


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