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Ozone Easy Bag Glider Pack


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Easy Bag

The Ozone Easy Bag stuff sack makes your life that much easier when in a hurry to pack up. Simply stuff your wing into the bag and pull the draw cord, easy!

This is the perfect compromise between the comfort of a traditional glider bag and the convenience of a stuff sack.

It is a giant stuff sack that is designed to fit your paragliding or paramotor wing. You can then bring it down to size with the compression straps so it sits comfortably on your back. The padded shoulder straps and waist strap give it added comfort.

So, now you’ve packed your glider in record time into a comfortable pack, you can run back up the hill ready to fly again! And if your glider gets damp, the air can still get to it to dry it out.

The Easy bag is ideal for quick-packing any glider, including your tandem.



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