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Ozone F*Race



Ozone F*Race

lightweight pod harness

More Details coming soon


Derived from the pre-series used by Ozones X-Alps athletes, this new model includes many upgrades and refinements. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the weight: 1.5kg for the M size.


The F*Race combines the following features:

– Ultra-light dyneema frame based on F*Lite technology
– Bucket seat with Nitinol reinforcements
– Inflatable protector with excellent ratings (25G)
– Easy fastening system
– Sleek line with aerodynamic rear fairing
– Convenient storage and cockpit


Ozone team pilot Antoine Girard was heavily involved in the development of this product, having used it for the X-Alps and many other adventures. Here’s what Antoine has to say about the F*Race:


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