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Ozone Roadrunner Ground-handler


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The Ozone Roadrunner will allow you to get out and perfect your ground handling in a variation of conditions. Here at Fly Sussex Paragliding we spent a lot of time ground handling – the roadrunner is the next generation of ground handling wings with the technology that will allow you to develop the core skills in a safe way.
The Ozone Roadrunner is an easy to use and highly forgiving 14 m2 paraglider that is designed specifically, and only, for ground-handling training. It is optimized for use in wind speeds that are too high to practice with a standard sized paraglider, but is also easy to use in light or zero wind conditions.

Ozone Roadrunner

  • One size – 14m2
  • 2 standard colours or custom colours if you prefer
  • Only for ground-handling training (not flying!)


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