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Ozone Sirocco 3


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Ozone Sirocco 3

The new Sirocco 3 is a light weight high-performance intermediate paramotor wing. Based on the Speedster 3 it features a fully reflexed profile and the risers with a long trimmer range. Compared to its predecessor, it has increased efficiency, more agility and a higher top speed without compromising the ease of use.
The Sirocco 3 is predominantly designed for long distance PPG XC flights, but it is also a fun, dynamic and versatile wing that is also suitable for low level carving and slalom flying. It is ideal for intermediate pilots progressing from lower level wings such as the Roadster and for more experienced pilots who do not want the extra demands of a competition wing.

Standard and 2D option

The Sirocco 3 is available to order in two versions: standard option and 2D option.
In the standard option, the tip steering line (TST line) is connected by the factory to the mini-toggle located on the B risers (similar to Speedster 3).
In the 2D option, the tip steering line with tube-ball handle is connected to the brake handle (similar to Freeride and Viper 4)
Whichever option is chosen, it is possible to change the steering system from standard to 2D or vice following the instructions laid out in the manual.




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