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Ozone Solos Lite


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Ozone Solos Lite

The Solos Lite is an ultra-light reversible harness – a full kilogram lighter than the standard Solos without compromising the comfort and feel that have made it Ozone’s best selling harness since its release.

  • 2.3 kg when fully-equipped, and full protection
  • 2.1 kg without seatboard and with soft-links instead of carabiners
  • Class-leading combination of comfort, security, and light weight.
  • Innovative new ultralight structure using 7mm Dyneema & T-bar buckles
  • Inflatable protection with inflation / carry-bag
  • Backpack design is scaled for each harness size, for carrying comfort.

It is ideal for hike & fly pilots or anyone seeking a light yet durable harness for all-around flying. The Solos Lite is not only the lightest harness in its class, but also the most thoughtfully designed lightweight reversible currently available.

In Flight

The Solos Lite has excellent in-flight comfort and precision, comparable to the standard Solos. The handling is simple and intuitive, with a bucket seat design and a simple and easy to adjust structure. The leg straps can be opened and closed with an innovative T-buckle system, and while the main materials of the structure and body are optimized for weight, thoughtful application of reinforcements ensures long term durability.


Ozone have kept the full-featured feel of the original Solos, with a spacious side pocket, camera / instrument lanyard, pouch and routing for hydration bags, and Velcro for shoulder-mounting varios. The reserve container is secure and protected in backpack mode, yet has excellent deployment characteristics with a wide and unrestricted release of the d-bag.


The inflatable back protection offers the best ratio of protection to weight that we have ever seen. Extensively tested during development, it provides certified impact protection even when not fully inflated. It is quick and easy to inflate on launch using the inflation bag provided with the harness which doubles as a glider storage sack.

An additional benefit to the inflated protector is that it functions perfectly during launch, when other airbags are useless, and it provides superior side impact protection. The bladder is easily replaceable.

The Pack

The backpack design has been fully reengineered to optimize weight and features with hike & fly in mind. The volume of the bag is tuned for light equipment, and improvements have been made to the load bearing strap design. Despite its light weight, the pack is full-featured with side bottle pocket, large side zip pocket with key-lanyard, and an easy-access pocket on the ergonomic waist strap.


Structure & Geometry

Solos: Chest strap & leg straps are adjustable; Austri-Alpin easy-click buckles.

Solos Lite: No Chest Strap or leg stap adjustment, leg straps are opened/closed by Blue Ice ultralight aluminium T-buckles.

General Construction

  • Solos: Durable blend of ripstop fabric, thicker comfort foam, under-seat foam protection.
  • Solos Lite: Light fabric, still durable but requiring more care. Bucket seat protection is inflatable (foam protection is optional)


Fully equipped including carabiners, seat plate, reserve bridles

  • Solos: 3.3 kg in size M
  • Solos Lite: 2.3kg in size M


S < 175 cm 2.2kg
M 170 cm – 185 cm 2.3kg
L > 185cm 2.5kg


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