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Tandem Spreader Bars by Ozone


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Tandem Spreader Bars For dual or tandem paragliding

The Ozone tandem spreader bars come as a pair with the main maillon as seen in the picture. At Fly Sussex we use the Ozone tandem spreader bars in the school for tandem flights. We highly recommend them!

With the addition of Ozone’s light-weight tandem range (The Mag2Lite), Ozone have now have released 2 new spreader systems to choose from. The Ozone Lite Spreader Bars are simple and extremely light, at just 60g a pair. The new Ozone Soft Spreader Bars are 382g, and adjustable in length for easy calibration to all passenger weights (Spreader weights are without maillons).

Ozone Tandem Spreader Bar Key Features:

  • Ozone Tandem Spreader bars for Dual or Tandem paragliding
  • The spreader bars are designed to keep separation from the pilot and passenger
  • These bars have adjustable top hang-points, and 2 position passenger hang points, they are supplied with 2 maillion rapides

The price is for a pair of spreader bars.

Ozone Tandem Lite spreader bars:

  • 60g

Ozone Tandem Soft spreader bars:

  • 382g

Ozone Tandem Standard spreader bars:

  • 748 g
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