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Ozone V18 Backpack


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Ozone V18 Backpack

A versatile backpack with 18 litres capacity perfect for days out and travelling!

The Ozone V18 Rucksack is an 18 litre capacity rucksack perfect for days out and travelling. Versatile and made to an extremely high quality, the Ozone V18 Rucksack is designed to last. The Ozone V18 Rucksack is black and vivid red and has mesh side pockets, useful for storing items that you need quick to access to when you’re on the move.

Ozone V18 Rucksack Features:

  • 18 Litre capacity (smaller than the V24 and without laptop case)
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Perfect for days out and travelling
  • Red and black
  • Mesh side pockets


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