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Paragliding beginner GOLD package

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GOLD paragliding tuition and equipment package

The gold package includes all your training and state of the art equipment – wing, harness, helmet and training books.

What’s included?

  • Beginner paragliding wing
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • 5 day EP course
  • 5 day CP course 
  • Two extra days of tuition to hone your skills
  • Theory lectures in our classroom, BHPA exams
  • x 2 paragliding training books (the beginners guide and air riders weather)
  • Fly Sussex T-shirt
  • BHPA logbook

After purchasing the gold package we will help you select the best combination of equipment suitable for your weight, height and comfort. This can be done with one of our instructors anytime that suits you. Feel free to begin your training on our school equipment and make a decision about your own equipment when you feel ready.

We only recommend the very best paragliding brands and offer a detailed fitting session to make sure you fly the gear thats right for you.

Your Paragliding Tuition:

Come and train at the UK’s most popular paragliding school! We run lessons 7 days a week all year round, its easy to book your lesson via the website or  just call our office. You can spread the 12 lessons included in the gold package over the course of a few months (max 1 year). We recommend you try to fly once or twice a week to ensure an easy progression through the EP & CP course. 

  • BHPA approved school
  • State of the art training equipment
  • Private training sites
  • Full time team of BHPA rated instructors 
  • Open 7 days a week all year round – when the weather is flyable

Your paragliding equipment:

The Wing:

The wing we recommend depends on your all up weight (you + wing + harness  + helmet + everything you fly with!). We stock the worlds leading paragliding brands thats focus on safety, build quality and design. We have picked the top performing and safest EN A wings for the gold package…

The Harness:

The harness choice is very personal as it depends on your height, body dimensions and what you find comfortable. We highly recommend you try the harness in our shop to see how it feels. We stock a massive range of beginner suitable harnesses you’re welcome to try with different types of back protectors, buckles and design.

After extensive testing and research we have included the following harnesses in our gold package:

The Helmet

All the helmets we sell are paragliding specific and marked EN966 (HPG), EN 1077 Class A, ASTM 2040, or SNELL rs98 (Snow Sports).


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