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Advanced Ground Handling Course




Here at Fly Sussex we have the best team and sites to practice high wind ground handling and reverse launching. We are offering a one day extravaganza to hone your ground control skills.

Plan For The Day

Check the weather forecast for the right wind speed and meet at our shop. We will add participants to a WhatApp group and hope to make it out one Saturday in December


  • As & Cs launch
  • Asymmetric launch
  • Cobra Launch
  • Mushroom launch
  • Drag self rescue
  • Obstacle course challenge


Please bring your own kit if you have any or contact us when booking the course if you need to borrow gear. If the conditions are suitable we might scale down to our school mini wings which range from 10-18m.


The group will be a maximum of 6 students to 2 Fly Sussex instructors. Most likely Jess & Scrappy




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