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Skywalk – Tequila 5


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First shown at the Stubai Cup over the weekend, the TEQUILA5 S, M and L are now certified and in production. These will become available from the end of March with the XS and the XL to follow shortly after.



Improved launching characteristics due to a reduced tendency to overshoot.


The glider conveys more tranquility during flight. Bank angles are easy to fine-tune and brake-pressure increases are linear and very harmonic. To the end of the brake range, pressures increase markedly before the stall point is reached. The glider responds immediately to the first small brake inputs, but without any tendency to over-react. Flat turns for efficient thermal flying are easy to perform, without the glider exhibiting any tendencies to bore down into it. Simple, usable performance.


The stable canopy makes thermal flying stress-free, easy and comfortable. Turbulence in the air is well indicated by the canopy, but this should not be overtaxing for the targeted pilot group. Pitching and rolling is reduced, compared with the Tequila 4, which gives increased climb and glide performance in turbulent air.


Performance potential is easier to retrieve due to the smooth handling in the air, and this is particularly noticeable when using the speed-bar. Climbing is made easier through the canopies reduced pitch and roll tendencies, which make the glider very easy to control even in challenging conditions.

Extreme flight maneuvers

Reactions to instability are generally very manageable. Big-ears are easy to apply and do not tend to flatter as much as the TEQUILA4 and spiral dives are easier to exit from.

Target group

Hobby pilots up to XC Pilots.
Talented “beginners” after schooling
Demands on pilot
Simple, usable performance makes the glider suitable for all pilots after schooling.
Manufactured from Skytex materials; top and bottom surfaces are made from “38 Universal” and “Easyfly”. Lines are Liros, the TEQUILA5 S (70-95kg) weighs 5.0kg.


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