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Sup’Air Compact Case




The Sup’Air compact case is a lightweight concertina bag that allows you to fold your wing into a small carry bag while protecting the leading edge.  The Sup’Air compact case is designed to make your life earlier as you concertina pack your wing into the bag, secure the straps, zip the sides and store with your harness. The mesh sides allow ventilation while stored.

The Sup’Air compact case comes in two sizes depending on the chord of your wing.

Weight : 387g in Small / 480g in Large

Size : Small / Large

Chord < 2,7 m Chord > 2,7 m
Flat surface area < 26 m² Small Size Large Size
26 m² < Flat surface area < 27 m² Light fabrics : Small Size Large Size
26 m² < Flat surface area < 27 m² Regular fabrics : Large Size Large Size
Flat surface area > 27 m² Large Size Large Size

Check out the instructional video from Sup’Air:



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