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Particularly suitable for your mountain and hike & fly session, the Radical 4 is a lightweight reversible harness with removable airbag module, including an integrated reserve parachute subcutaneous in the harness.

Weight : 920 g ( Ready to Fly Medium ) or 2190 g in M with the reversible airbag module



Light and compact, easy to install and use , listening to your movements to allow the pilot to play freely, to go faster, higher and further.

The Radical harness, in its fourth generation, is a pioneer of the hike and fly, and still loves the mountains and the vertical slopes.

The Radical 4 turns into a true reversible backpack for walking up. It incorporates the possibility of connecting a removable airbag module with an integrated rescue parachute pocket under the seat for safety on demand… and above all simplicity at every stage.

Its pure design expresses the spirit in which it was conceived: to keep only the essential to magnify the on-flight experience. Its light weight does not detract from its comfort, thanks to its foamed back, nor from its efficiency in the turns: the support is precise, damped (the independent legstraps , stiffened with mylar, pleasantly gums up the irregularities of the air mass) and balanced (its structure cleans up the parasitic movements).
The Radical 4 gives “a feeling of smooth control, of controlled gliding”, describes Yoann Chavanne, its designer. This soft precision while riding is explained by its ability to deform itself to adapt to the pilote’s body.

Well accessorised (pole holder, removable waist belt) the Radical 4 reveals itself in its finishing details. You can feel it with your eyes: every useful detail, every well-thought finish, every material chosen for its nobility and durability. The structure of the strap and the frame, the subcutaneous airbag repositioned in front of the Harness and using a rush designed with a resistant material, have been thought to improve safety. The Backpack and Harness have been designed separately to push the technical and aesthetic solutions to the limit.

Freedom, lightness, simplicity, because when there is nothing left to remove, the important thing remains.


Optional Reversible airbag module

Weight: 1270 g

The Backpack airbag RADICAL 4 is a removable airbag module with an integrated rescue parachute pocket under the seat for on-demand safety.



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