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Sup’Air Stainless Steel Carabiner – Twist Lock


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For sale we have the most popular paragliding carabiner system on the market – the stainless steel twist lock from Sup’Air. The stainless steel twist lock carabiner is incredibly strong with a breaking strain of > 2400 daN and is specially designed for paragliding.


Dual safety locking system.
Production lot identification number.
Individually tested.
Breaking strain: > 2400 daN

Size: 45mm

Weight : 130 g

Materials: Stainless steel


Should the carabiners be lubricated 

Paragliding carabiners are silicone lubricated during assembly and do not require additional treatment afterward, except if polluted with sand or other foreign agents. In case of the latter, clean thoroughly with detergent, rinse, dry, and lubricated with thin oil as used for climbing gear – Do not use grease! Regularly check the carabiners proper functioning !

What is a carbiner’s life span ?

Contrary to the carabiners used in climbing, those made for paragliding are not subjected to impact. We however strongly recommend replacing them every 5 years or sooner when visibly damaged and/or becoming difficult to close and lock in place.


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