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Touching Cloudbase


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Touching Cloudbase

Touching cloudbase, the fifth edition (relased 2012) covers every aspect that a beginner or intermediate paraglider pilot would want to know. Covering everything from the history of paragliding to innovations and the future. From what is involved in your first day’s training to flying cross-country or becoming an instructor. Touching Cloudbase is easy and enjoyable to read and you get a real sense of the authors passion for promoting free flight. It also contains everything neccessary to pass the BHPA paraglising EP and CP exams.

The complete guide to all theory including meterology, theory of flight and airlaw ideal for your EP/CP exam

This is the book you need to help you pass your BHPA Paragliding Elementary Pilot (EP) and Club Pilot (CP) exams

As in previous editions, Touching Cloudbase 5th edition includes a valuable information section, containing data on national associations, weather sites and other useful info. It will also have expanded sections on paramotoring (A.K.A. powered paragliding, PPG), as well as innovations like speed-flying and speed-riding, and more.

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