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XC Fast Pack Bag


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XC Fast Pack Bag

Use the XC Fast Pack Bag bag to do exactly that – pack your paraglider quickly. The XC Fast Pack Bag is super light, easy to use and comfortable to carry.
Unlike other designs, which can leave you with an over-sized bundle to carry, the Cross Country Fast-Pack bag features compression straps which help you package the whole glider-and-harness down to a reasonable size. Inside you will find a riser pocket and two zipped pockets for your valuables.
You can then sling the whole lot on your back and carry it like a rucksack. With its padded and shaped shoulder straps it’s comfortable to hike up the mountain with. Or just drop it into the back of the van or car.
Built from robust but lightweight materials, the bag weighs just 600g. When not in use it folds down into its own pocket, which measures 40cm x 50cm.
Perfect for schools, tandem pilots, paramotor pilots, acro pilots, or anyone who doesn’t need to store their wing folded up in a bag.
The XC Fast Pack Bag is also good for quickly packing your bag away on the hill while waiting for conditions to improve – protecting your wing from solar radiation and other potential damage.

XC Fast Pack Bag SPEC:

Size: One size fits all,
Weight 600g
Colour: Blue


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