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  • Reserve Repack / repacking
You should have your reserve parachute repacked at least once a year to make sure it is free from contaminants and opens as quickly as possible.


Our instructor Graham is a BHPA registered repacker.
Drop your kit into him and he will:
  • Air and inspect your reserve
  • Inspect your harness and reserve attachments
  • Repack your reserve to the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Provide a repacking certificate
  • Install your reserve and check its deployment


If you’re able to drop into the shop, he will also go through pulling the reserve with you and refitting it back into your harness so you’re familiar with how this works.


Contact us to book your repack


Standard reserves (square or round) – £50
Tandem reserve – £60
Regallo – £60


Do you need your kit in a hurry?
Call Graham on 07549 266445 and he will arrange this for you if possible.


Are you going on a flying holiday with us? If so, let us know when you book your repack for the £10 trips discount.

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