Almost any pilot can improve their thermalling skills and these weeks will help you do just that! In either the French Alps or the striking volcanic landscape of Tenerife, we’ll be aiming to have you at cloudbase as often and as much as possible!
  • 25th July to 1st August 2018
  • 21st to 28th of April 2018
  • 22nd to 29th September 2018


  • 24th November to 1st December 2018

South Africa

  • 3rd to 17th February 2019
The trip covers:
  • What is a thermal, where to find them and how they behave?
  • How to stay in them!
  • How different weather and landscapes affects thermals?
  • Pitch control and active flying – putting your glider in the right place at the right time!
We may go cross country on these weeks, but the primary aim is to get as much airtime as possible.
Laragne – £845
Annecy – £845
Tenerife – £920
South Africa – £1650 (Two Weeks)

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