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So you are packing for one of our epic flying holidays! Here’s our rundown of flying holiday essentials:






  • First aid kit
  • Tracking device (Delorme, Spot or Flymaster)
  • Hook knife
  • Magic string
  • Compass


  • Print off your repatriation insurance details and keep a copy in your harness and your wallet.
  • Email a copy of your insurance, passport & BHPA card to yourself and emergency contact
  • Research the flying local area using XCplanner and know the local emergency numbers.
  • Print off or buy local maps of your flying area.
  • When flying keep your phone accessible at all times. Make sure your phone will work where you are going or get a local sim card.
  • Put all your kit in one large duffle bag that doesn’t look like a paraglider, this makes it less of a target for the airlines to charge you and thieves to steal.
  • If your worried about your kit getting lost on the flight the airline is liable for £1100 per piece if it goes missing. If you want cover for more you can fill in a ‘special declaration of value’ when you check in which will cover up to £2500. Most airlines will charge something for this though.
  • Equipment insurance is available from lots of places.
  • Be as current as you can to get the most out of the trip, even if you can’t get out flying go and practice your ground handling.
  • Swat up on your theory. We recommend the book Thermal Flying as essential reading.
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